Monday, October 25, 2010

We Sell , What We Communicate

I fail to understand WHY insurance companies are not FOCUSING on Health Care for People in their mass communication and ad campaigns and focus on selling insurance policies only???

Advantage: (Manifold)

1) Wide spread health care campaigns will do over all health improvement across the population
2) This will be social awareness along with brand building. People will feel that U are genuinely interested in their health management and disease prevention. (& Not only interested in selling yr products)
3) Better health will make lesser health claims
4) Better health means longevity so longer duration of fund management for life insurance companies

Still I do not see any insurance companies talking about preventive health management as their mission or communication they use. They only talk abt their plans and policies using costliest possible BRAND ambassadors.

This is what happens when companies are internal focussed and how they ACT when they have COMMODITY selling mindset. NOW this applies to every companies insurance or otherwise.

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